Set of various classic, alternative raw meat, veal beef steaks - chateau mignon, t-bonnet,
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Salad with Fish Fillet
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The Restaurant

                In June 2018, this Peruvian inspired restaurant first opened as Ceviche Bowl, a renowned Chef-Driven Peruvian eatery in Miami, serving exceptional Peruvian cuisine within a 27-foot kitchen trailer. Fast-forward to 2021, PLATEA Peruvian Steakhouse and Ceviche Bar is born. A beautiful, intimate setting featuring a diverse menu, professional yet relaxed service and a conscious commitment to green practices.

"A Prime Culinary Experience" Is the beautiful mind-set, that echoes in which our philosophy has emulated throughout the heart and soul of PLATEA. With its many quirks and imperfections, Miami's rawness, creative energy and eclectic vibe is why the duo chose the neighborhood of Pinecrest as PLATEA's first home.

Diverse menus, offering an awesome array of flavors inspired by the many adventures and global travels of our chefs and the art of Peruvian Barbeque.  PLATEA offers a balanced collection, from the refreshing and uplifting fresh catch ceviche’s to the smokiness and flawlessly charred tastes from the wood fired tambor.

PLATEA is a believer in green and sustainable methods, the team vows to feed the needy, support local and international small businesses, source much of their food locally and constantly look for more environmentally friendly hospitality options.

The beer and wine program pumps out some serious pairing options as well as cocktails in categories such as “BOOZY A.F and Mind blown. Our beverage and culinary teams work directly with each other to make sure the product is cohesive with the food as well as the ethos of the company.

No plastic straws and a Zero Waste Citrus Program are just some of the additions in 2021.

What not to miss, by the guys who know best:

CHEFS FAVORITE: Floral Salad or the Dino-Short Rib.

At Platea, we believe in caring for each guest individually, ensuring that their meal is one they remember long after the last bite. It is this attention to detail that has helped us achieve culinary excellence.

But who are we kidding…just come in a find out by yourself 😊


Platea is a renowned Chef-Driven Peruvian Steakhouse & Ceviche Bar in Miami, serving exceptional Peruvian cuisine within a beautiful, intimate setting. Our culinary philosophy was carefully crafted by our Chef-Patron and a carefully curated team of chefs and service professionals.