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Meet Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our Chef-Driven Restaurant provides guests with a one-of-a-kind experience. Everyone on our team — from the hosts and waiters to the staff working in the kitchen — has one singular goal, to provide the highest level of service to the patrons we welcome to PLATEA.

Fernando Salazar

Chef Patron

Originally from Lima, Fernando Salazar was lured into the culinary world when his passion for this industry and for food was recognized at an early age. Fernando went on to study the culinary arts at the Le Cordon Bleu , where he learned to develop his own unique style and flair. 

Over the years, Fernando has worked along side influential leaders of the Peruvian and American culinary profession who helped shape his style and depth of knowledge. After moving to Miami, Salazar was appointed Partner/Chef of Dr. Limon Corp by his input on the menu, daily operations and setting up the standard the brand has set on the Miami and international scene. Prior to his current promotions and knowledge to lead and manage restaurants at a corporate level (Darwin's On 4th, Pisco Y Nazca Ceviche Gastrobar, Ceviche Bowl) he was developing and studying flavor intensity. Fernando has also worked for celebrities among ACDC and Led Zeppelin. Fernando balances his culinary career with enjoying every spare moment with his wife, Kimberly, and 2 kids.

Fernando’s culinary philosophy and passion reflects the growing trend towards a healthier and down-to-earth lifestyle of a young chef while meeting the expectations of the hip and modern Miami culture. Working with neighboring farmers to seek out the finest in regional and local organic produce, is the essence of his cuisine. Fernando’s preference is to allow the natural flavors of food to express themselves.

In addition to cooking, Fernando’s passion is to develop younger chefs to discover their own talents in the same way that he was encouraged. Be it through mushroom picking, hosting talks at public schools, or inviting some of the finest chefs for a chance to share their knowledge, Fernando believes whole-heartedly in staying active, continuously learning and always having fun.

Andres Marmolejos


Andres Marmolejos is the owner of the family company “Meat Giant”, a local meat distributor in Miami, FL that was developed in the face of adversity during COVID-19. Marmolejos partnered with long-time friend, Chef Fernando Salazar to develop a butcher program that delivered quality raw meats at great prices to guests and their families from the safety and comfort of their own homes. This approach would helped keep Salazar’s concept, “Ceviche Bowl”, alive and bring a new game changer to the forefront. Marmolejos and Salazar saw an opportunity to make something completely different, bringing the accents and execution of places like Hillstone, Fleming’s and Joe’s Stone Crabs to a whole new market experience. With Marmolejos connection to quality & premium meats and Salazar’s innovation in the kitchen, “Platea”, an elegant yet relaxed Peruvian Steakhouse & Ceviche Bar was born.

Victor Lopez

Executive Chef

In the city of Cali, Colombia March 2, 1989 Victor Manuel Lopez, was born. Growing up seen a path influenced by the sound of its city, Salsa, Bongos, timbales, scenes cultured by natives looking to expend their wealth above average and a family filled with motivation, love and support. Since a young age chef Victor experienced many spices, unique ingredients and different techniques, through his pallet food translates in his mind as passion, the humbleness that brings any culture together, the same passion that is felt though the notes of music.

Trained at The Center for Culinary Arts in Shelton, CT Victors food in his mind should bring joy to anyone with the first taste delivered through the eye, next through the scent and last through the pallet. Chef Victor strengthen his talent with many local chefs working the line for many years meanwhile working as a seasonal banquet chef of fine dining Indian harbor yacht club in Greenwich, CT, and later promoted to executive sous chef for Mitchell’s fish market by Ruth’s Chris hospitality group. After his time as the executive chef of Modern American Compass Entertainment INC, Lopez moved to Miami taking the position as the executive sous chef at AAA’s 4diamond restaurant in south beach Barton G. Restaurant under Ryan smith and celebrity chef Jeff O’Neil (Former chef for Donald trump’s Mar-A- Lago and Eric Ripert’s Le Bernidand). In 2015 he joined the Centurion restaurant group with high hopes of growth within the Peruvian concept Pisco y Nazca, opening all three locations- Florida’s Kendall, Doral, Dupont in Washington DC, and the grand opening of Bulla Gastrobars new location in Miami at the Falls Mall in Kendall.

He is an integral part of our team and a key to the success of PLATEA.

Diego Salazar

Executive Sous Chef

With chef Diego Salazar at the helm,  from Miami to Sarasota he has been garnering attention for his rich Peruvian-inspired dishes—from ceviche to signature burgers. Salazar (who previously worked at Darwin’s on 4th, La Mar Miami, Alter) is well respected for his flavorful cuisine and culinary vision in Platea and beyond helping his brother and team achieve culinary greatness.

Cheyanne Alonzo

Managing Partner

Cheyanne helps create the warm, professional and family-like atmosphere here at PLATEA. She has been an integral part of our team and a key to the success of our Restaurant.

The People That Believe In Us...

PLATEA Ownership

Charlie McMann was still in school when our head chef first noticed them and offered to make them our Sous Chef. They bring their culinary knowledge, passion and enthusiasm to work with them everyday.

Come see our team in action for yourself.